Citizens Bond Oversight Committee


The Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) is responsible for reviewing expenditures related to the District's $748 million general obligation bond (Measure X) approved by voters in November 2016, ​$268 million ​general obligation bond (Measure​ G-2010) ​approved by voters in November 2010, and $185 million general obligation bond (Measure G-2004) approved by voters in November 2004.​​

Based upon the direction given in the Bylaws and Citizens​' Bond Oversight Training​, the Committee shall:

  • Inform the Public. The Committee shall ​inform the public concerning the District's ​expenditure of bond proceeds.​
  • Review Expenditures. The Committee shall ​review expenditure reports​ produced by the District​.
  • Annual Report. The Committee shall present to the Board, in public session, an annual written report.

CBOC Seeks Volunteers

The District is currently accepting applications for volunteer members for the Measures X, G-2004 & G-2010 Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee. Please find information and the application at the link below:

Current CBOC Members

For a full list of current Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee members, please visit our CBOC website