Data Governance

Data Governance

SJECCD is the owner of all District data. Data is an institutional asset that requires district-wide stewardship. Data governance encompasses the processes, policies, standards, organization, and technologies required to manage and ensure the availability, accessibility, quality, consistency, auditability, and security of institutional data. The aim is to help people access, understand, connect, and effectively use organizational data.

The District has granted administrative and operational level responsibility for subsets of district data through Data Stewards. Data Stewards have responsibility for establishing procedures and guidelines concerning access, accuracy, privacy, and integrity of their respective data subsets.

IESS Role in Data Governance

IESS works across the district to broaden a culture of data maturity where ever we can add value.

We work with our campus partners to ensure accuracy in the Colleague system regarding data associated with curriculum, catalogs and schedule as part of Educational Services.

IESS is the functional owner of the district’s student data warehouse (CROA Student Universe). We work closely with our partners in ITSS and the campus research offices on development and documentation of the data warehouse. We also work with Data Stewards to ensure data integrity, consistency, and security between systems.