District Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Institutional Effectiveness District Committee

Purpose/Functions: The District Institutional Effectiveness Committee is a standing committee of the District Council that fulfills an advisory, monitoring and coordinating role regarding matters related to institutional effectiveness and data governance. The committee is to promote a culture of evidence and inquiry, in which relevant research and accurate data is developed and reviewed for district-level planning, research and institutional effectiveness purposes.

Functions include but are not limited to:


  • Provide advisory review of indicators or outcome measures used for district-wide planning and allocation purposes.
  • Review district-wide planning and evaluation processes (District Program Review) and monitor annual progress.


  • Provide advisory review of the district wide research agenda that reflects the most critical needs of the District.
  • Provide advisory guidance on the development of data governance policies and procedures that support data quality, security, and user adoption.
  • Review and provide guidance on internal and external requests for research including Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Institutional Effectiveness:

  • Review accreditation eligibility, accreditation standards and Commission facilitated through the district office in support of the Colleges.
  • Provide advisory review for District- activities.
  • Provide advisory review of the District-wide Survey Management Policy to be implemented by IESS and the Colleges resulting in evidence-based decision making, decreased survey fatigue, increased data quality and security, and alignment with institutional priorities.


  • Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Educational Services at SJECCD

General Membership:

  • Administrators appointed by MSCC (2)
  • District Academic Senate President or designee (1)
  • Faculty members appointed by each Academic Senate (2)
  • Classified staff members appointed by each Classified Senate/CSEA (2)
  • Chairs/Representatives from each College Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Committees (2)
  • Dean of Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, or representative (2)
  • Representative from the Colleague Core Committee (1)
  • Representatives from each College Admissions and Records Office (2)


  • Campus and District Office researchers, District Office IT Administrator.

Term: All members are elected/appointed, renewable by appropriate constituent groups.

Meeting Schedule:

Meeting Schedule: Tuesdays as scheduled from 3:00-4:30 p.m. Meetings will be held virtually until further notice. For virtual meeting information, please email iess.sjeccd.edu

Meeting Dates

Fall 2023

  • September: 26th
  • October: 24th
  • November: 14th
  • December: 12th

Spring 2024

  • February: 27th
  • March: 19th
  • April: 16th


Open to any interested members of the colleges or district office.