(aka Reporting Party)-Student(s), employee(s) of SJECCD, or community member(s) who alleges that he/she has been subjected to discrimination/ harassment or sexual misconduct. Complainants may be individuals or groups of individuals who have been impacted by discrimination or sexual misconduct.


Third-Party Complainant

A person who brings a complaint on behalf of another member(s) of the campus community who has allegedly been the subject of discrimination or sexual misconduct.



Person or persons who are members of the campus community who allegedly discriminated against or harassed another person or persons. (May be individuals, groups, programs, academic or administrative units, or the institution (SJECCD).



The inability, temporarily or permanently, to give consent because the person is mentally and/or physically helpless, asleep, unconscious. Or unaware that sexual activity is occurring. When an individual lacks the ability to make informed, rational judgments and cannot consent to sexual activity. It may result from the use of alcohol and/or drugs, but it is a state beyond drunkenness or intoxication.