The District Payroll Department is responsible for calculating, auditing, maintaining, collecting, depositing and transmitting all information pertaining to an employee's paycheck. It is the employee's responsibility to review the information provided on their paycheck stub and to communicate and submit any changes to the Payroll Department. Sick leave and vacation information normally reflects activity through the prior period.​

The Payroll Department is required to withhold Federal, Social Security, Medicare, State taxes and Retirement (if eligible) on your earnings. The W-4 form is the document that is used to withhold employee Federal Income tax and the DE-4 form is the document that is used to withhold employees State Income tax. If we do not receive either document, then employee's taxes will be deducted based on their marital status of Single and their allowances as zero.

Our employees must authorize all voluntary deductions. Supplemental Insurance premiums, tax shelter annuities, credit union, garnishments and memberships to organizations and charitable contributions are some of the examples of Payroll deductions. SJECCD is a Union Shop; therefore employees union dues are a mandatory deduction, which do not require employee authorization.

By January 31 each year, the Payroll Department is required by law to furnish employees with a W-2 form; this document reflects all taxable wages and withholding paid to our employee's in the previous calendar year. It is the employees responsibility to notify Payroll of a change of address.

The Payroll Department has made all forms and information available to employees by way of San José/Evergreen Community College Intranet (Payroll Department Folder, located in our Microsoft Outlook). The Payroll Staff is well trained and is available to serve employees.


Pay Stub Legend for Faculty
Pay Stub Legend for Classified & MSC
Direct Deposit Authorization Form
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Main (408) 270-6412 | E-Fax (408) 239-8811 | Email: 
Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Connie Hilbert, Payroll Coordinator 
Faculty, MSC, Daily Payroll Coordination 
(408) 274-6700 ext. 6286 
Hien Cao, Payroll Coordinator 
Short Term, Subs, Prof Experts, Student Assts. 
(408) 223-6708
Sheryll Truong, Payroll Technician 
Classified, Garnishments 
(408) 270-6470