General Services

Welcome to General Services

The San José Evergreen Community College District's Department of General Services is dedicated to providing centralized services to the district. Our services include Purchasing, Warehouse Management, Contracts Administration, and Risk Management. This website is designed to assist those who are unfamiliar with doing business with the District, as well as provide valuable information for our current suppliers.

The links located in the left-hand column under General Services provide additional information on our services. Some notable links include:

Doing Business: This page offers information for contractors, vendors, and suppliers interested in working with the district.

Purchasing Bids: This page provides information on the district's upcoming, current, and awarded public bids.

Purchasing Toolbox: This page offers a variety of resources for district employees, including guides, tutorials, forms, and policies related to procurement processes.

We are committed to promoting transparency and providing efficient services to our suppliers and district employees. We encourage you to explore the website and contact us with any questions or concerns.


Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Main: (408) 270-6420 
E-Fax: (408) 239-8807

Director of General Service 
(408) 270-6421
Purchasing, Warehouse, Contracts, and Risk Management


Cindy Giesing 
Senior Purchasing Agent 
(408) 270-6487
Bond Purchases: 
SJCC, Community College Center for Economic Mobility, Milpitas
Wesley Chu 
Senior Purchasing Agent 
(408) 270-6407
Bond Purchases: 
EVC, District Services, Districtwide Services
Carlos Marques 
Purchasing Agent 
(408) 270-6431
Non-Bond Purchases: 
SJCC, Community College Center for Economic Mobility, Milpitas
Abby Abdel Halim  
Purchasing Agent 
(408) 270-6489
​Non-Bond Purchases: 
EVC, Districtwide Services 
Sylvia Bellinghausen  
Asset & Inventory Technician 
(408) 223-6762
Asset & Inventory Control,  
Vendor Maintenance, Receiving


Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm 
Closed from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Jimmy Truong 
Warehouse & Distribution Coordinator 
(408) 223-6720
Receiving and Distribution. Surplus sales and disposal
Nicholas Tavares 
Warehouse & Distribution Specialist II 
(408) 223-6720
​Coordination of Warehouse, Receiving, Delivery and Surplus materials