CROA Data Warehouse

CROA Data Warehouse

Colleague Reporting and Operational Analytics (CROA) is the data warehouse and reporting system our district uses for various reporting needs such as enrollment, program review, etc. To access CROA, click on the link below - this requires a CROA user account and a VPN connection (if off-campus):

CROA Data warehouse Link

Access to CROA Data Warehouse

Access to the data warehouse Student Universe
New user access - For campus users, please email your college Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness team. District office personnel may email Institutional Effectiveness and Student Success at  Please make sure to include Director of Enterprise Application Services
ITSS - Balamurali (Bala) Kappagantula
Access to the data warehouse Financial Universe

Campus users may please email your VP - Administrative Services and provide your job-related rationale for access to the financial reports. Please make sure to include Director of Enterprise Application Services ITSS - Balamurali (Bala) Kappagantula. District office personnel or district committee members may request access to financial reports through district Administrative Services

CROA Data warehouse Resources

**NEW** CROA 4.3 Training Manual

CROA 4.3 Training Demo Video

March 2019 User Training Manual

March 2019 Super User Training Manual

In spring 2019, we upgraded several modules in CROA data warehouse that impact copying reports, refreshing data, working with prompts, wild cards, and simple filters.

January 2016 User Manual
This document presents a set of learning objectives common to all business areas. The goal of this training is to provide users with the basic skills necessary to open, refresh, and explore reports and data within the constraints of the Ellucian-provided Operational Data Store (ODS). This manual is a preliminary tool that can assist new users on basic steps in the utilization of this system. Data on the reports is not updated in "real time," but is refreshed each night and therefore is current as of the previous evening.