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Executive Administrator
Temporary Employees



Classified Employees (CSEA)

2023-2024 Classified Salary Schedule

2023-2024 Classified Salary Schedule with Longevity Award

2023-2024 Classified Titles and Ranges

2024-2025 Classified Salary Schedule

2024-2025 Classified Titles and Ranges

2025-2026 Classified Salary Schedule

2025-2026 Classified Titles and Ranges

Executive Management Employees

2022-2023 Executive Management Salary Schedule with Longevity Award

2023-2024 Executive Management Salary Schedule with Longevity Award

2024-2025 Executive Management Salary Schedule

2025-2026 Executive Management Salary Schedule

Faculty AFT

2023-2024 Salary Schedule FT Faculty_10 Months (Appendix C1)

2023-2024 Salary Schedule FT Faculty_11 Months (Appendix C2)

2023-2024 Adjunct Salary Schedule - Lecture (Appendix D1)

2023-2024 Adjunct Salary Schedule - Lab (Appendix D2)

2023-2024 Full-time Regular Overload Salary Schedule - Lecture (Appendix D6)

2023-2024 Full-time Regular Overload Salary Schedule - Lab (Appendix D7)

2023-2024 Intersession Lecture Salary Schedule (Appendix D3)

2023-2024 Intersession Lab Salary Schedule (Appendix D4)

2023-2024 Other Contract Pay Non-Instructional (Appendix D5)

MSC (Managers, Supervisors, and Confidential Employees)


2023-2024 Management Salary Schedule

2023-2024 Management Titles and Ranges

2024-2025 Management Salary Schedule

2024-2025 Management Titles and Ranges

2025-2026 Management Salary Schedule

2025-2026 Management Titles and Ranges


2023-2024 Supervisor Salary Schedule

2023-2024 Supervisor Titles and Ranges

2024-2025 Supervisor Salary Schedule

2024-2025 Supervisor Titles and Ranges

2025-2026 Supervisor Salary Schedule

2025-2026 Supervisor Titles and Ranges



2023-2024 Confidential Salary Schedule

2023-2024 Confidential Titles and Ranges

2024-2025 Confidential Salary Schedule

2024-2025 Confidential Titles and Ranges

2025-2026 Confidential Salary Schedule

2025-2026 Confidential Titles and Ranges

Temporary Employees

American Sign Language Interpreter and Real Captioner Salary Schedule

Professional Experts Salary Schedule​

Short-Term Salary Schedule​​​

Student Salary Schedule & Classifications​

Substitute and Temporary Classified Hourly Pay Rates